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Tour Guide Canada’s website offers Canadian tourism operators an effective and affordable portal for exposure. Our high value, keyword focused content pages attract travel-minded people worldwide.

Our Mission

By creating independent and straightforward content that informs, inspires, and educates, Tour Guide Canada strives to enrich travellers’ experiences.

Why is Tour Guide Canada unique in its kind?

With almost a decade of field experience as a tour guide in Canada, I love sharing my travel expertise!
Via this website, I provide free inside information and travel tips to those planning a vacation in Canada.
That is what people are looking for! No sale pitches, but free quality information instead.

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Where do Tour Guide Canada's visitors come from?

January 2016 - December 2016

A significant amount of visitors live in the

  • Canada (35%), and
  • US (29%)

Other regions our visitors originate from:

  • Europe (17%)
  • Australia (4%)
  • China (3%)

Traffic Stats

Statistics over 2016

  • The highest number of unique visitors is counted in August '16 (12929
  • unique visitors), the lowest number in February 2016 (6860) 

Ad Rates at Tour Guide Canada

Ad rates correlate with the

  • general traffic statistics and/or
  • specific page statistics
  • specific keyword value
  • ad format

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Available Ad Formats

Tour Guide Canada offers 4 advertising formats. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in other ad formats.

1. Text and Link

  • Max. 50 words
  • Link to your site
  • Location: at any specific content page
  • Position: by mutual agreement
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Fee: quarterly/yearly

Check an example -Ecosummer.

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2. Image plus Text introduction and Link

  • Image: 300 x 200 pixels
  • Link to your site
  • Text app. 50 words (70 words max.)
  • Location: at any specific content page
  • Position: by mutual agreement
  • Suitable for desktops and tablets only (not suitable for cell phones)
  • Fee: quarterly/yearly

Check an example - Footprint Nature Explorations.

Ask for quotation.

3. Site-Wide Dot Button

  • Button: 200 x 150
  • Link to your site
  • Location: at all relevant content pages except homepage
  • Position: within navigation column, below menu
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Fee: monthly. Pay per # of page views

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4. Search Engine Optimized Content Page

  • 3 images: 300 x 225 pixels
  • Text: min. 300 words, up to app. 600 words
  • Link to your site
  • Position: by mutual agreement
  • Includes at least 1 inbound link from a related page, possibly 2 if appropriate.
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Fee: yearly 

Check an example

Get in Touch with Tour Guide Canada

Tour Guide Canada strives to display high quality travel related products only, and reserves the right to reject dubious businesses and certain ad formats such as pop-up banners. Please, only promote your company with us when offering an excellent, high value product.

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