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Get the best out of your travel in British Columbia Canada. Find great road trip itineraries and city trips!

Unless travelling with a tour group, you’ll need to find out what you’d like to see and do in Canada's most beautiful province.

Due to my extensive experience as a driver/guide for small tour groups, I created a few itineraries to help you to get the most out of your travel in British Columbia, Canada.

travel map Vancouver to Victoria

Free example: Vancouver Airport to Downtown Vancouver

What's included in each itinerary?

Get me to the various itineraries to travel British Columbia Canada


Check BC Wildfire warnings

Check BC Flood warnings 

Included in each road trip itinerary

Each itinerary to travel British Columbia Canada includes:

  • A proposed time schedule
  • Services along the route (gas stations, groceries, and restaurants)
  • The highlights in-depth
  • Maps showing the suggested travel route and the highlights/points of interest
  • A link to the online interactive map
  • Driving directions including approximate driving time (not included in the city trips)
  • Additional relevant information
  • A selection of the best attractions
  • Links to relevant brochures
  • Sources

Itineraries to travel British Columbia Canada

Free - single day - example itinerary 

Download for FREE
Vancouver Int. Airport to downtown Vancouver
to check an example itinerary

Road Book Vancouver to Calgary

Redirect me to the Road Book Vancouver to Calgary (11 days)

Road Book Calgary to Vancouver

Redirect me to the Road Book Calgary to Vancouver (12 days)

Travel guide to Explore Vancouver and Victoria

preview travel guide to Vancouver and Victoria

A four-day round trip

Explore Vancouver by pedal bike
Cross the Georgia Strait by ferry
Enjoy a scenic drive across the Saanich Peninsula
Visit the world renowned Butchart Gardens, and
Discover Victoria by foot

  • interactive guide in PDF format 
  • 64 content pages
  • 14 maps and links to the interactive maps
  • daily time schedules
  • detailed directions for pedal biking, walking and driving
  • services along the routes
  • description of highlights and attractions
  • history Vancouver and Victoria

Purchase the E-Travel Guide to Explore Vancouver and Victoria, BC

Paper copy and mobile use

Use your itineraries on your mobile device. This allows you to open added links and interactive maps.

Although a majority of accommodations and commercial campgrounds offer WIFI, cell phone coverage is poor along the route. 


Travel British Columbia Canada Reviews

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