Road Trip Ontario and Quebec

road trip Ontario

The road trip Ontario and Quebec counts 3300 km / 2050 miles.

Duration: 21 days.  

Best time of year: from half of August (less bugs) to first weekend of October (after Canadian Thanksgiving many campgrounds are closed).

I'm finishing the E-road book 'Road Trip Ontario and Quebec' later this month. It will be published early January 2019 ;-)

Camping trip

The itinerary is designed as a camping trip, either by RV or tenting. 

Most campgrounds are Provincial or National Parks, very spacious with lots of privacy and fire-rings, located in natural settings. 

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The best from Ontario and Quebec

Route Ontario and Quebec

Characteristics road trip Ontario and Quebec

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The best from Ontario and Quebec

coming soon!!

The E-roadbook ‘Road Trip Ontario and Quebec’ simply includes the best from Ontario and Quebec.

Route Ontario and Quebec

You’ll start this circle road trip from
Toronto. Continue along
Lake Ontario’s northern shoreline into the
1000-Islands National Park. Step back into the early days while traveling along
Upper Canada area. Explore the beautiful
cycling trails of Quebec and the historic
Kings Road towards
old Quebec City. If you’ve ever wanted to visit France, this will be your closest call. Continue along the
Saint Lawrence River, home to several whale species such as the Beluga. Join a
whale watch tour and an excursion to a
Native site and
black-bear watching.
beaver- and moose watching can be included around La Mauricie National Park. Make sure to visit
Parliament Hill in Capital city Ottawa. Continuing your road trip to
Algonquin Park. Enjoy Algonquin’s outdoors before heading back to

Characteristics road trip Ontario and Quebec

The road trip Ontario and Quebec is a drive into Canadian history and nature. 

Numerous National Historic Sites, Provincial and National Parks, waterfalls and even more waterways are to explore along this road trip. 

Alternate driving days with outdoor experiences such as canoeing, cycling, hiking, rafting, fishing, and wildlife watching. Whale-, and bear watching is included in this itinerary!

Add an optional visit to Niagara Falls from Toronto at the beginning or ending of your trip.

RV rentals

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Rent your camping gear

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Coming soon:

Visit Niagara Falls from Toronto

Road Book Ontario and Quebec

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